Welcome to Maudelyn's Quest - a match-3 narrative adventure made for TOJam #13.

Maudelyn has been tasked with obtaining 3 key ingredients for the Princess' upcoming coronoation feast. Help Maudelyn make decisions by matching 3 or more gems on the lower half of the screen and, hopefully, obtaining all ingredients.


Kat Pavolva (@kattor3d) - art

Mic Fok (@micfok) - programming

Braydon Beaulieu (@BraydonBeaulieu) - narrative

Patrick Greatbatch (@usefulsplendor) - narrative

Jonathan Levstein (@jlevstein) - design/programming


maudelyns_quest.zip 12 MB
maudelyns_quest3.1.zip 11 MB


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Its a visual novel, where the content and tone of your answers depend on what type of symbols you match for a angry, sad, joyous etc. response. The core mechanic of this is frankly pretty darn smart. It really feels like giving you more agency on which choice you'll choose as you also need to contemplate how to balance the board for which reactions. The story isnt particularly great and as you can see its not optimized for PC, but I enjoyed playing through the game for its main mechanic alone and I can easily see a more involved Visual Novel using this mechanic. Really, really, really cool.

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what a cool idea! the gameplay is so creative!